Gallery's Service
With this New Artemisia Gallery is pleased to propose the best offer on the detailed and descriptive comprehensive evaluation of every element of the work in question.

  The assessment includes:
A) - Analysis of the canvas made from a study of antique / restoration with issuing an opinion
        Motivated the expert on the originality and authenticity of the work and its value
B) - A copy of the photo or object with retroscritta declaration of authenticity and
        Indication of origin by the expert on the second sets of rules
C)-bibliographic search, historical, analytical and reconstruction of the curriculum in order to
        Establish, through a systematic analysis, authenticity.
D)-Analysis-iconographic style.
E)-Guest economic activity in the market today.
F)-Presentation biography of the author.
G) - Possible importance of copies or reproductions of that increase further the value
       Of the original. 

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